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Kate and Aisli Madden are Deirdre Madden's daughters and the publishers of the re-released All about Home Economics. Kate is married to Barry and is a very proud mum of two young children. She works as a solicitor in a large law firm in Dublin. She spent years ignoring her Home Economics gene but became a born-again baker after a week at Ballymaloe Cookery School a few years ago. Since having children and hanging up her dancing shoes, she can now be found baking and cooking Sunday lunch for friends and family at weekends. Her chocolate fudge cake and honey baked ham are family favourites.

Aisli began her career at 14 when Deirdre asked her to illustrate a book she was writing for Gill & Macmillan. Aisli now runs her own graphic design company - DesignBOS. Gill & Macmillan remains a favourite client. When she's not designing & illustrating, she can usually be found walking on Killiney hill with her dog Elvis, or in her local haunt, Finnegan’s of Dalkey. Aisli has inherited her mum’s cheeky sense of humour.

Kate and Aisli were known as "Deirdre's girls". Loreto Dalkey past pupils may remember them as toddlers hiding in the back of the Home Economics kitchen in Loreto Dalkey. They quite literally grew up eating, sleeping and breathing "home ec". They were very close to their Mum and are so proud of her achievements. They are re-publishing All about Home Economics now because, even a decade after it went out of print, people keep asking them where they can get a copy of the book. They love the thought that their Mum had such a huge impact not just on the girls that she taught but also on pupils and teachers throughout the country. Kate and Aisli are the living image of Deirdre - in every sense of those words.